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Advance Engineering in Carbon and Graphite Materials

    Carbin Karbon Grafit San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. provides Graphite Electrodes for Electrical Arc Furnaces, Speciality graphites for Foundries and other advance industries. Also we supply Industrial Carbon Brushes for DC/AC Motors and generators. 

Our company experienced in field. Especially active in MENA and EU Regions. Our location advantages bring mobility to reach all customers onsite.  

Our aim is suppling best fitted graphite and carbon materials to reduce your downtimes. Thanks to our engineering approaches we understand your requirements. Our efficient materials presents value-added performances 

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Carbin is focused on Graphite and Carbon Products. Thanks to Over 10 years experience we reach you and understand your requests.

Graphite Electrodes

Our Premium grades provides high life time and less loss in Electrical Arc Furnaces and Laddle Furnaces. 

Carbon Brushes

Carbin presents high quality and well-known carbon brush grades for Generators, DC Motors, And Induction Motors to commutation, collection and earthing purposes. All types of lineer transfer and rotary transfer brushes for heavy duties are OK with wide range of carbon brush grades. 

Specialty Graphites

Our successful grades are in many foundries such as copper alloys continuous castings, Aluminium degassing and Precious metal casting. We also provide specialty graphites for High Temperature applications, sintering and advanced productions. 

Carbin specialty graphite grades are preferred in Plastic Injection Molding’s EDM applications.

Independent from the shape our experienced machiners can produce tight toleranced graphites fow wide range of applications. 

Mechanical Carbons

Your rotating equipments are safe by our carbon grades. Our engineering team selects and produce the best carbon grades for your equipments to protect you from leakages. 

Graphite Exchangers

Carbin provides graphite heat exchangers for heavy duty acid media. Our partner company Graphite Technology is the worlds best graphite exchanger manufacturer.

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Application Areas

Graphite and Carbon Applications

Special components production.

Carbin’s excitation and earthing carbon brush grades are commonly used in Coal, Natural Gas, Wind and Hydropower generation plants. Our mechanical carbons are used in Pomps and other rotary equipments.

Specially impregnated and 100% Quality controlled Graphite electrodes for Electrical arc Furnaces and Laddle Furnaces.

Our wide current density carbon brush grades are used in DC Motors from the beginning  to the end of the rolling mill lines. 

Set of round metallic tubes and kernels made of steel, aluminun, cooper, brass materials. Different diameters and thickness. Metal pipes warehouse. Industrial 3d render

Specialty graphites as  Copper alloys continuous casting dies to Aluminium Casting Deggesers. Graphite is used in billet, Sheet or High Pressure Injection parts.

Edm Elektrotları

High precision grades are very important in EDM application of Plastic Injection, Aluminium Injection and Aluminium extrusion dies. 

High precision sintering molds.

We equip your Vacuum furnace with graphite, graphite felt and CFC materials. 


Suitable Carbon and specialty graphite grades for all types of glass applications.

Our grades are help you to reduce your materials losses. From the milling of metal to the finished parts. 

cement plant

Wide range of carbon brush grades for milling of clinker. Our carbon brushes can stand the abrassive dust environment. 

To maximize your equipment efficiency explore our graphite and carbon grades!